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so tired.... yesterday i excersised a lot more than I ever did in my life by myself. I went jogging and never even stopped to walk!!! i feel so proud of myself, but then I was so tired that when I got home, I like fainted on the couch. THen my dad was like "hey hey get up"..... I look up and i see who again???? my sister and her buddies playin UNO. wtf? there like always at our house.... I am so proud though today because this is the first time their not here at our house. They never even stopped by!!!!!! *giggles* there's this person in particular that gets on my nerves. Whenever I see that kid i swear it annoyes me and i want to choke the kid.... *gags* but my sis got so pissed when i was making fun of her.... what a loser....i'm so mean...hehehe *giggles* Oh yeah and then after lunch i went biking!!! i haven't biked in forever. and i went biking and saw so many people that i never though i would see.... funny. I was so scared this one time b/c these lawn mower people were in their crappy truck drving pass me and then started whistling. I was so AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so then next thing you know they start slowing down. I was like oh shit..... but they just needed to cut the lawn on the next house so that was good.... so freakin gay though.... o well...... today i mopped and sweeped my kitchen floor.... calorie buring!!!! yes! I watched TRIGGER HAPPY TV!!!! (yesterday) I LOVE THAT SHOW!! i haven't seen it in forever.... so happy!!! I think I want to be a PR when i grow up..... not sure though.... This dashboard song is stuck in my head.... I love it... I need to go play tennis with my sister..but she always goes with this kid or always has to be like we should ask him.... so i'm always like "well never mind let's just not play".... so pissed ... o well... I watched New York Minute today.... it was an ok movie.... Win a DAte with Tad Hamilton kinda sucked it wasn't as good as I thought it would be.... owell

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