Ashley (outofall_luck) wrote,

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  • Music: just leave me now... so why don't you leave just leave me now....

I am so sick right now...well not really. I found out my sis went out at 4 this morning.... knew something was weird when i woke up hearing all these people downstairs. and i know she wore my converse because they got dirtier and the star on it is pissed. My pop thinks i'm stupid just b/c some ppl in my class sleep.
DAd: r u sure ur in K level?
Me: yeah
Dad: if ppl sleep ur obviously not so stop lying
Me: ok

I should have never said ok but so wat if ppl sleep they're freakin stupid then..... he never freakin trust me..... like my sis can really be a lot more trustworthy than me... o well. TOTC is killin me... i need to read it though, but i'm so tired of it. I guess its time to go back to my quote journal for english *gags*

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