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...Sharp disaster in a fresh new coma. Was it worth it when it was over?...

Today was an okay day. I cleaned up the lawn and mowed the grass, which was so fun. For some odd reason, I can't stop burping, it's non stop. It so freaking weird and there like big, nasty burps. *shivers* Yesterday I went to buy a bag of prezelts and I can't stop munching on them. "Sharp disaster in a fresh new coma. Was it worth it when it was over? Proving yourself right, you'd make the biggest noise.Well, i'd lock my hands behind my head, I'd cover my heart and hit the deck, I'd brace myself for the impact if I were you. It's a long wait for an answer. Is there any news? Is there any word? Was there trauma? Or a struggle? Am I Missing? Or was the body found? Is there anything worth looking for? Worth loving for? Worth Lying for? Is there anything worth waiting for? Worth living for? Worth dying for? I'm home." -D/C
My sister has got me addicted to this band. My loves to you, D/C. I wanted an autograph so bad of James Blake, but my sister didn't get to go to the tournament. Damn it. I'm trying so hard to make this entry grammar correct. LOL. I feel so freaking weird right now. Damn it.... I need more pretzles.

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