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...i wonder if it's too late...

Spring Break=tired, old, slump

I have offically been no where during Spring Break. It's always so boring with nothing to do. My dad installing tile floors and, once again, refused to hire people. I have to trudge on through the last 5 days. Dragging tiles, mortar and so much more stuff is hard work. My diet is not working except I think I lost 3 pounds... or so my scale says. I'm sad. I used to have abs. Now, it's practically flab and fat. *tears* I need to start exercising again.. like intensly. I am always practically a loser. o well, if I really even cared. So now I found out that I won't get a car during high school. Instead I would get a BMW after I graduate from college (Ivy league,yeah right)right, whatever. Oh here's the catch, before I graduate from college, companies need to be looking for me and secure a job before I graduate. Great, I'm screwed for life.


10 if statement definitely pwn

"The human spirit, through thick or thin, always finds a way to revitalize itself. That's why no matter what, we always can close our eyes and sleep through the toughest of times"
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